Active Listings
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IFB-20-27623a: Safety Footwear for DCA, IAD & DTR5/12/2021
IFB-21-21685: Sign Fabrication, Installation and Maintenance, IAD & DTR5/11/2021
RFQ-21-20497a: Rock Maintenance at the Live Fire Training Facility, IAD5/7/2021
IFB-21-21662: Maintenance for Customs Exit RFID System, IAD5/7/2021
IFB-20-28734: Exterior Cleaning of Mobile Lounge, Plane Mate and Heavy Equipment Fleets, IAD5/6/2021
IFB-21-20153: Solid Runway Deicer, DCA & IAD5/4/2021
The MWAA and DSBSD Small Business Outreach Event on May 27, 20215/3/2021
IFB-21-21720: Bulk Potassium Chloride Solid Deicer, DCA4/30/2021
RFP-21-21142: News Clipping Services4/29/2021
IFB-21-21519: Rehabilitation of Sanitary Sewer Lift Station at Concourse B, IAD4/29/2021
RFQ-20-28400: Countertops & Wall Protection Materials, DCA4/28/2021
IFB-21-20120: Roofing System Inspection and Maintenance, DCA & IAD4/27/2021
RFP-20-27774: Snow Control and Removal Services, DTR4/26/2021
RFP-21-21130: Interim Expansion of Runway 15 Hold Bay & Associated Pavement Improvements, DCA4/23/2021
IFB-20-25860: Danfoss Remanufactured Pumps and Motors Services, IAD4/19/2021
RFQ-20-22993: Roadway Weather Information System Remote Processing Unit Upgrade, DCA4/15/2021
IFB-20-27240a: Safety Ties and Fall Protection Services, DCA, IAD & DTR4/15/2021
RFP-20-27088: Ethernet and Internet Data Circuits4/14/2021
RFQI-21-20441: Design North Airfield Development & Airfield Geometric Improvements, DCA4/13/2021
IFB-20-26824: Plymovent Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System Maintenance, DCA & IAD4/13/2021
For Immediate Release: MWAA Procurement Forecast *Q2 2021* is Here!2/23/2021
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